I’ve had enough!  I’ve had enough of hearing about what’s perfect. How we, as women, are supposed to look. For if we, the role models for our children are constantly struggling, then so will they.

I have a beautiful 13 year old (soon to be 14) daughter.  I have taken it upon myself to demonstrate to her as much as possible, my own completeness and contentment with my body and who I am as a woman. It has taken me a long time to get here mind you.  In particular I had issues with my breasts – a love hate relationship you might say. An early bloomer I was constantly teased about my ‘girls’ – and not just by the boys.

Over the years I’ve watched with dismay our culture’s increasing obsession with perfection. Seeing my daughter growing up  in this environment was troubling.  She, we, needed an antidote so I wrote I show about it. Busting Out!  http://busting-out.com/

My background is as a comedy performer.  This show is therefore a comedy.  But at it’s core it is a show about being who you are and being happy with it.  It is a two hander and at certain points in the show myself and my bosom buddy are topless.  I know this sounds a bit crazy – but we are women in our forties and we are ‘showing not telling’. We are showing the audience that we aren’t ashamed of our normal shape and that there is nothing to hide.  My daughter has seen the show numerous times and completely understands what it is all about.  She has been in the foyer after the show and heard women from the audience tell me that the show has made them feel liberated and that they are proud to be a woman. She was there when a woman approached me with tears in her eyes…she said to me that she had not looked in the mirror for three years (she was in her forties). She said that I had the same body shape as her and that the next day she would look at herself in the mirror…remember the show and laugh instead of cry. We had a woman bring her 14yr old son to show him what a real woman looked like. We had two middle aged men bring their 16yr old daughters because they wanted them to have better role models. The list goes on.

It is my hope that my daughter will take this liberation and positive self image with her as she becomes an adult so she has a strong framework with which to combat any cultural pressures to be ‘perfect’…because she already is!

And a huge nod to http://theshapeofamother.com/save-our-daughters/ for inspiring me to share this.